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APPG / TPD. MPs & Industry leaders Q&As with Simple Vape Co.

Simple Vape Co. founder, Christian Sanderson, is a prominent member of the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group for E-Cigs) and has been instrumental in the establishment of The 100k campaign.

A campaign incorporating vaping stakeholders across the UK in the fight to ensure that by the end of this calendar year vapers continue to experience choice, quality, affordability and accessibility within the market place
This requires us, The 100k Campaign, to block unnecessary and overbearing regulation where we can, and to help each other circumvent its consequences where we can't. The European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive's overzealous and ill thought out approach threatens to wipe products from our shelves and delay the arrival of new ones. It will stifle innovation and customer choice in the process and create a further barrier to the world of vaping for those keen to make the transition from smoking. 100K is not just about helping businesses survive and thrive – it is about ensuring vapers don’t go back to tobacco!

On the 27th January of 2016, industry leaders & MPs came together at the latest APPG event to discuss the latest details of the TPD and the potential of prescription based e-cigarettes. Simple Vape Co. were at hand to capture the event in its entirety, asking the real and pressing questions to MPs, health experts and industry leaders alike. 

  • Mark Pawsey. MP for Rugby & Bulkington. Chairman, APPG for E-Cigarettes
  • Lorien Jollye from the consumer group New Nicotine Alliance.
  • Dan Marchant of retailers Vape Club 
  • Professor Gerry Stimson from Imperial College
  • Oliver Kershaw, Ecig Forum & Vaping. com 
The results; well we will let you make your own mind up… 

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Simple Vape Co. 

The Message is Simple - PHE independant report.

E-cigaretts carry a fraction of the risks of smoking. A new independent report from Public Health England states that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking traditional tobacco.

As members of the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group for E-Cigarettes’ with regular visits to the House of Commons to participate and listen to debates on Public Health and how vaping is changing people’s lives ‘for the good’. With all this research and evidence brought to Parliament nearly over a year ago, it was only a matter of time that ‘Public Health England’ accepted the findings and finally gave vaping a fair trial and help fight against the health related issues that smoking has caused for many years.



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