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Influencer Series: @OHM.MADE

For the second installment of our influencer series we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with one of London’s finest - Keith Ibarra AKA OHM.MADE

We class ourselves as very fortunate to have been introduced to Keith. It happened last August at a vape meet in London. The venue was the Vape & Juice store on Winchmore Hill, and we immediately established a connection due to a mutual passion for quality resistant wire and beautifully made hardware. 

Keith’s humble attitude, passion and skills for coil building were evident from the beginning, and we knew this was someone that we would love working with. Later that same week we sent him a bundle of the Simple Vape Co. NiCr 80 series wires, and what he came back with blew us away. Simply Amazing!

Thanks again Keith and we hope you enjoy the read. 

Please introduce yourself… (Name / Age / Sex / Location) 

Keith Ibarra  |  27  |  Male  |  Tottenham, London

We know you’re a talented coil builder by looking through your Instagram @ohm.made but how did your vaping journey start and how did you get into building?

First of all, just want to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to be profiled, I'm humbled to be apart of the whole #ONEYEARSTRONG Secondly, I don't know about talented I'm just someone who messes about with gauges and takes pictures of them. 

Anyway, cut a long story short my Vape journey began funny enough after 13 months of being smoke free. Times got rough and there was always that temptation to fall off. Like f**k it give me a snout. Luckily one of my best mates was already vaping, brought me to his local vape store, I got myself a single battery regulated mod and an rda. Got back to his place and used coil jig tool and made my first coil, the rest is history! They say a smoker never really stops even after they quit. I'm one of the many who's around to make sure such expressions become a myth.

What is your fail-safe build?

Use to be a fuse Clapton although now it's a Alien coil hands down.

You have done a lot of builds on the Simple Vape Co. NiCr series Wires. What makes them great to work with?

The wire range is quality, everything from building to performance is at a high standard. Aside from the wire, the actual spool makes it easy to work with especially the higher gauges. All round solid product.

What build teams are you associated with and why?

I'm not directly associated or a part of any build teams but I do network and keep in contact with builders who are. It's mainly due to a shared interest, fascination and/or obsession with the craft and vaping in general. 

We’ve noticed you collect some fine vape hardware, what’s your favorite Setup and E-Juice?

My set up changes from time to time, having parents who's native origin is the Philippines, I came to find the country has a reputation for producing high quality mechanical devices. Therefore if I had to choose, with what I enjoy doing and with safety in mind, it's the Castigador box mod by eVe and the twisted messes OG rda. This in particular was my first all authentic and slightly impulsive setup which essentially opened up a different world of vaping.

As for e juice, I'm a one juice flavour guy. If any company releases a cereal I'll get a bottle without even looking at the rest of the range. Boring I know, but I guess it comes down to preference.

How has vaping improved your life?

Generally over all mentally and physically i feel the benefits of being smoke free. That being said, vaping has reunited me, if you will, with my passion in everything design and creativity.

What do you think to the rapid growth of the vaping industry & what do you think is missing?

It does move fast, guess it's down to the day and age we live in. It's a funny one, you love and hate it. Its hard work keeping up to date, luckily im solely a mech mod owner, engineering is straight forward; you press a button, it completes a circuit your good to go. Although with all the technology flying around I think it's only a matter of time before I purchase a reg. Got to love it really.

What's missing? Reasonable prices (laughs) On a serious note a stronger influence on raising awareness about vaping safely.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming TPD regulations?

In all honesty, embarrassingly, I have not read it word for word but after digging around online it comes across as they got it wrong from the get go by classing Vaping as tobacco related. That in itself is a flaw amongst many of the other proposed regulations which have endless loop holes. Best thing to do as a minimum, sign the 100K CAMPAIGN petition!

Where do you see the UK e-cig industry being in 5 years time?

Time will only tell, all dependent on how the government decides to take action. Obviously I hope for it to carry on in the way it is, the industry is growing rapidly, fingers crossed for many more exiting years to come.

What inspires you to keep on building?

I am always in search of the optimum vape experience through performance and like I said earlier the passion for design and creativity perpetuates it further. Not to mention I have a little problem with messing about with metal. 

What advice do you have for those who want to start vaping or are new to coil building?

If it's to a smoker who wants to start Vaping:
In a sentence; only do it if your ready to, not only because you want to.

New to coil building:
Safety first, get an ohm reader and if possible proper tools. With all the resources and information available online getting started shouldn't be a problem. Most importantly have patience! We've all been there when a coil leg snaps!

Who would you like us to profile / interview next?

A member of Parliament who has turned to vaping.

Quick Fire Questions 

1. Clouds or Flavour? -  PERFORMANCE!
2. Mech or Chip Mod? - Mech
3. 10ML or 100ML? - 100ml 
4. Kanthal or NiCr? - NiCr
5. Desert or Fruit? - Cereal 
6. Luke Or Darth?- Darth
7. Clapton or Signal coil? - Clapton
8. Japanese or American Cotton? - American
9. Christian Or Mario? - if it's a beard competition, Christian, sorry Mario
10. Simple or Complex? - Simple, always...

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