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Influencer Series: VAPE EMPORIUM

Welcome to the first post in a new series that we are launching on the blog today. The Vape industry is growing fast and its full of amazing characters with unique stories to tell.

Throughout the 'Influencer Series' we will be bringing you exciting original content, film and interviews with some of the top Vaping influencers, associates, advocates and people we just love and had the pleasure of meeting and working with over the last year.

We have hand selected a great bunch of people that have a unique take and something to say. Its a chance for us to shine a light on our friends who we think are doing amazing things for our industry.

First up we have Andy and Amar from the Vape Emporium. A year ago they were one of the first shops to stock Simple Vape in London, so we're revisiting them a year on to see how they are getting on...

SVC: Hey guys, thanks for joining us today, for those who don't know Vape Emporium can you introduce yourselves and your team to the community?

ANDY: Vape Emporium is an extremely customer focused retailer, started off and run by passionate vapers. Our ethos is to source and sell the best products and liquids sourced from around the world, to provide an effective and enjoyable vaping experience to our customers, whatever their level may be.

SVC: How did the idea and name for Vape Emporium come about and what drove you to open your first in Hampstead, London? 

AMAR: The idea came about after I was working on the Olympic Park as a Construction Manager about 4 years ago, smoking far too many fags when I saw a security guard vaping on an ego. I ask what it was and can I have a go. The rest is History.

ANDY: We chose the name and developed the logo to inspire the feel of a clear and reliable brand with longevity and heritage twinned with a modern twist. The 1st store was opened in Hampstead because it felt like a perfect location match to our values and products, as it is a beautiful and community-led area with decades of years of bohemian heritage with a very warm friendly vibe.

SVC: How has vaping improved your life?

ANDY: I really enjoy keeping fit by playing sports, running, cycling and snowboarding; and since staring vaping 3 years ago I haven't touched a cigarette. This has improved my health dramatically, as well as allowed me to perform to a much higher level in the activities I enjoy and love. Not to mention the obvious things like not smelling of stale cigarette smoke and being able to enjoy a vape with a drink, without being ushered outside in the cold/rain and have said goodbye to the hangovers I used to get!

AMAR: It has improved my life in many ways, from feeling fitter and healthier to having more money at the end of the month. Its also allowed me to work in an industry that I love and feel passionately about.

SVC: We've noticed you stock some fine vape hardware, what's your favorite Setup, mod and E-Juice?

ANDY: I like to keep things simple, easy, smart-looking, reliable and fuss-free - so I have a subtank on an IPVD3 with a Nolli driptip and one of our VE vapebands, of course. I change juices frequently, as you can imagine, but I still can't put MVP by Tasty Cloud down!

AMAR: BMI V1 Mod, Aeronaut RDA, Certified 365 (butterscotch, vanilla custard).

SVC: 5 things you couldn't be without? 

ANDY: Vape, mobile, car, home surround sound system, snowboard.

AMAR: My Vape, Good food, my TV, my pets, my wife.

SVC: Your thoughts on the rapid growth of the vaping industry & what do you think is missing?

ANDY: Extremely exciting for us and our customers. More collaborations with brands outside of the vaping industry

AMAR: The rapid growth is a testament to the designers who are constantly utilising new technologies to help improve vaping - its got to be a good thing.

SVC: What are your thoughts about the upcoming TPD regulations?

ANDY: Although they are ridiculous and nonsensical, I'm pleased our country has decided to take the lightest touch possible especially when compared to most of our European neighbours and when the US looks like it's heading.

AMAR: Pointless

SVC: Where do you see the UK e-cig industry being in 5 years time?

ANDY: I think there will be more vapers than smokers in the UK.

AMAR: Hopefully an extension of where it is today and not in the hands of Big Tobacco and Big Pharma

SVC: If you could change one thing about the Vaping industry what would it be?

ANDY: The impending regulations around tank and bottle size and the sales of poor quality liquid.

AMAR: Remove Big Tobacco and Big Pharma completely from the industry.

SVC: You have just opened your second store in Richmond, Do you have any plans for more London, UK or international Emporium stores? 

ANDY: Yes, we are already looking for our next site in London and are looking abroad too.

AMAR: Vape Emporium is ever evolving, so we have some big plans for 2016 including a possible overseas location!

SVC: What's is the best advice you could give to someone new to the wonderful world of vaping?

ANDY: Choose the right device for you (not just what your friend has), choose the right nicotine strength liquid from a decent manufacturer and get advice from an expert, like one of our VE vape consultants!

AMAR: Visit a quality vape shop where you can get the right advice to choose the best device and liquid for your needs. Get this right and you will never look back.

SVC: Wave Saver. If you ended up stuck on a desert island and all your mods, RDAs & juices where being washed away in the waves what would be the 1 mod, RDA & juice you would kill yourself saving?

ANDY: This is the same as the question above!?!?

AMAR: BMI DOPE Edition, My Marquis RDA and my 120ml bottle of Certified 365!

SVC: Who would you like us to profile / interview next?

ANDY: One of our regular customers - Tom Hardy


1. Clouds or Flavour?
ANDY: Both, but flavour, if I had to choose one
AMAR: Flavour

2. Mech or Chip Mod?
ANDY: Chip
AMAR: Chip

3. 10ML or 100ML?
ANDY: 100ml, of course
AMAR: 100ml

4. Tequila or Sambuca.
ANDY: Tequila - too many bad experiences with Sambuca
AMAR: Neither

5. Kanthal or NiCr?
ANDY: Kanthal
AMAR: Kanthal

6. Desert or Fruit?
ANDY: Are we talking juices here? If so, desert
AMAR: Desert

7. Hampstead or Richmond?
ANDY: Hampstead
AMAR: Richmond

8. Prebuilt or Build?
ANDY: Prebuilt
AMAR: Build

9. Christian Or Mario?
ANDY: Mario, as he wouldn't sell out and do an advert with Chris Moyles 
AMAR: Christian 

10. Simple or Complex?

Big thanks to Andy, Amar and the Vape Emporium Team and all the best of fortune for 2016.


All Simple Vape Co. products are available in both Vape Emporium Stores:

Vape Emporium Hampstead:

87 Heath Street, Hampstead, London, NW3 6UG

Vape Emporium Richmond:

16 Eton Street, Richmond, London, TW9 1EE



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