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  • VAPE - The only aid that worked for me.
  • Christian Sanderson

VAPE - The only aid that worked for me.

I remember the days when smoking was cool. 15 years old I stood on the train station platform, our local hang out we called the tube, smoking Lambert and Butler by the 10s. I always remember thinking: how do these kill so many people? My lungs seemed fine. I could still run, play football, ride my BMX and carry on smoking without any side effects. All this “smoking kills” must just be propaganda to put kids like me off, I thought.

Fast-forward 16 years - now almost 32 years old and waking up every morning coughing my lungs up for fun. Having tried everything to stop smoking over the last 8 years from champix, patches, gum and hypnotism, I still can’t kick that 20-30 a day habit. Nothing actually worked. 

Smoking certainly was not cool now.

2013, I was descending down hill on a mountain bike in the French Alps with my Go Pro head cam capturing the fun. I couldn’t wait to watch the footage back when we got to the camp. It was awful. Not the run, not the location, not the footage. It was the fact that I could hear myself wheezing nonstop as I carved down the mountain.

At first I thought it was the wind, but when my best friend and now business partner Mario pointed out it was not the wind at all. In fact it was me, my lungs not coping with the exercise even though I wasn’t even pedaling. The shock hit me hard, sending a tingle right down my spine. I suddenly saw how the last 16 years of smoking had finally taken effect and how my health was now suffering. 

From that point I started noticing how I struggled for breath. I couldn’t run or ride my bike without my chest hurting. I wasn’t that kid anymore and the effects of smoking had finally hit home. 

Kicking the smoking habit isn’t something that can be done easily. It’s not so much the nicotine - it’s the oral fixation, it’s the hand to mouth you miss the most. So I set about trying to stop yet again. 9 months passed and I was still smoking. It was much harder to quit than ever before. 

Then I was introduced to E-lites by my good friend Sam Jones, owner of Weekend Offender, in late 2013. I was intrigued by this new technology and that it could gave me a dose of nicotine which seemed to work… Until I had a drink! I would always wake up with 2 or 3 dead E-lites and a pack of Marlboro gold the morning after, so that fad soon become a thing of the past.

February 14th 2014 everything changed. My cousin visited London, the hardcore northern chain smoker armed with a ego1 pen, to my surprise. I laughed all weekend as he never put it down. But neither did he smoke any cigarettes all weekend. Before he left he said I should give it a go and left me with his spare. I was skeptical to say the least.

Three weeks flew past with many a burnt coil and a few funny tastes BUT I hadn’t smoked once or felt the need to put the thing down. Was it working or was it some will power in me I never knew I had? I wasn’t bothered! All I knew was that it was working.

From that moment on I knew there had to be better devices and liquids out there to satisfy my thirst for quality British made products. I looked and looked, but there were none – at that point Simple Vape Co. was born.

Twenty months on my health feels great, my lungs are clear and my mornings are so much more pleasant. For me, Vaping worked and has changed my life for the better. I have built a business around this desire for quality and British innovation and spread the word about vaping to help many other smokers kick the habit.

Don’t get me wrong you have to want to kick the habit but with the right advice, a little bit of will power and a vape then nothing is impossible. 

One thing I would say is be persistent, give it time for you lungs, actions and mind to come to terms with it and stay focused. 

Vaping could be a big help for those taking part in Stoptober. Simple Vape Co. supports Stoptober and to help along the way Simple Vape Co. is kick starting the Stoptober campaign with the Simple challenge packs in great costs saving bundles.


First time vapes we have you covered with our The First Timer Kit.

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