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2016 International Trade Shows Reviewed

Since the start of 2016, the Simple Vape Co. team have done their utmost to attend a range of different vape events across the world: Vapex International in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Vapourfair in Frankfurt, Germany: Vapecon in Barcelona, Spain and the well-known Vaper Expo in Birmingham, UK.

The Vaper Expo 2016

In this post, we would like to share our experiences and thoughts to our vape community.

Before we start, Simple Vape Co. would like to give a massive thank you to all the organising staff for their great collaboration to make these industry events a roaring success.

Vapes International

Our 2016 tour started with a trip to Kuala Lumpur, 26-28 February. 

The vape scene in Malaysia is one that we had never experienced before and the reception we received when we touched down made it even more special for us. 

We knew the industry was thriving out in KL and across Malaysia but nothing could prepare us for what we experienced. From the amazing humble vapers we met to all the stores we visted while we where in KL was something we will never forget. 

What we found most impressive was the love, attention to detail and passion the people of Malaysia have. This was even more evident in the vape stores we visited. We have never seen such high standards on such a grand scale, which is something that the UK market is crying out for. 

Our hosts Eng & Jamie from the Juice Supply where amazing and really looked after us. We ate in some of KL's best restaurants from the beautiful sky dinning at Fuego to the street markets.  

This event was ram packed with amazing local juice brands, however only a handful of international brands but refreshing to see. Sadly there was clone hardware everywhere. The show was over 3 days from 10am - 10pm and was full all day long. We met some amazing new friends and sampled the best of local Malaysia juice lines. A show we look forward to doing again next year!

See you again soon KL!

In April, two great vape events coincided over the same dates – Vapecon in Barcelona and Vapourfair in Frankfurt.   

The Vapecon was celebrated in the Excel pavilion on April 16th, and it was the first show of its kind open to the public in Spain. The event participation overtook all expectations. E-liquid brands, mainly from Spain, along with plenty of retailers and a few mod manufactures presented their best product offering to the show. 

Simple Vape Co. had an amazing response from visitors, including some of the biggest retailers and distributors in the Spanish territory, who loved our French Tobacco and the refreshing Elderflower and Pear. 

Although It was a flying visit to the wonderful Barcelona, we could see the strong potential of the Spanish vape industry and the incomparable Barceloneta.

Walking up to the grand entrance to of the Exhibition Center, Frankfurt. We immediately saw a large queue orderly forming and we knew at this point that this weekend was going to be great. As we entered the vast exhibition hall we were welcomed by the wunderbar ‘Bao Trung Tieu’ (Owner/Managing Director of EVAPO.DE) our German distributor, we finished preparing the stand ready for the influx of vapers to walk into the event.

It was fantastic to witness first-hand how the industry had grown and with continued momentum. Simple Vape Co. was received extremely well and gained a lot of interest from both B2B and B2C. Just days after the VaporFair Expo we are now stocked in many retail outlets across Germany and growing strongly within this market.

One things that we would like to point out, the VaporFair exhibition hall was shared with the HookahFair (Nasty Combustable Shisha). What had been beautiful to see was that the customer base for the E-Cigarette industry dwarfed that of the Hookah industry, to the point that there was heavy interest from shisha user and cigarette smokers drawn to the VaporFair in awe to see that they can get same experience that they are looking for, which can be found in a much less harmful way. It won’t be long until they see the light at the end of the tunel.

We all had a brilliant time and the hospitality and welcoming from EVAPO.DE and the show was overwhelming.


The Vaper Expo is very well-established, and is probably one of the biggest and most recognised e-cigarette and vaping expos in the UK and Europe. In its second edition, the Vaper Expo embraced over 100 exhibitors and more than 7,000 visitors from across the globe.

Pre 10am, eager vapers gathered in their thousands behind the large heavy shutters. A voice over the tannoy gave the count down and within moments, a wave of enthusiastic attendees swarmed our colourful display stand. stretching over twenty foot long, we were well positioned by the entrance to the main hall. We had our work cut out promoting the current Simple Vape Co. products and introducing new companies: Cheap Thrills Juice Co. KRSP and Tea Up.

Now in our second year, Simple Vape Co. wanted to also launch two new flavours within the VG Line: Strawberry Cake and Tropical Juice. We have to say that the response was outstanding, running out of various flavours by the end of the show.


Simple Vape Co. would like to encourage everyone to support these types of events. They are the best medium to increase the awareness to the public to promote and support a healthier lifestyle by choosing to vape over the use of cigarettes. In addition, they are a fantastic platform for vendors and users to show and promote their products for global exposure.

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