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What a 'Bo'dacious little device!!

Happy New Year to you all.

We have been up to our usual tricks and have so much in store for this year ahead, from new liquid brands to a new look and everything else in between.

One of the products we are excited about is the new Bo Vaping One Kit. This awesome little device is brand new to the market and we are so happy to have be able to bring it forward for all of you guys and gals. This wicked little device is a quick and easy to use enclosed capsule system ecigarette with a sleek design and an unbeatable price point. 

Each Bo kit consist of a Bo vaporiser, two Bo Capsule 100% French and certified by AFNOR. Weighing only 22 grams and with a 1.5ml capsule capacity, Bo vaping is the light alternative to traditional vaping. It has a battery capacity of 380mAh, using only a minimal amount of power each time it’s used lasting over a day of constant use. Elegantly finished with ceramic coating and a USB magnet charger for ease of charging. Coming over the next month will be many Bo accessories including the Bo Charging case. A simple portable charging case that allows you to charge on the go and has the room to hold spare capsules. Other accessories include a new long lead charger so you can use the Bo device whilst on charge in the most inconvenient of places. All in all we love this funky little device and are so happy to have it on board and make it available to all the new vapers out there that are just starting to use ecigarettes as this is a perfect device for you. It is also a great buy for any experienced vapers as we all know from time to time you need that extra nicotine hit when your not all cloud chasing and also that sneaky little stealth vape when you are out and about.

Make sure you snap one of these up soon as they are already flying out the door.


 Buy the BO Vaping One Kit now -

WE ARE HIRING - Creative Marketing & E-Commerce Manager


Location:  Brighton, East Sussex

Salary: Dependent on experience

Hours of work: 40 hours a week

Position: Full time

Start date: Immediately


Company info: 

SVC Labs is a contemporary design led e-liquid manufacturer & distribution company, focusing on high-end products and quality vaping experience.

Take a look at our websites here: &


Job Description:

Do you like a to work in a fun relaxing environment? Like being around creative people? Natural social media wiz-kid? Like to build and take ownership of an online identity for a fast growing start-up?

We are looking for a new creative marketing and e-commerce manager to help grow our brands. You will take the leadership of the integration of online marketing and e-commerce, using your skills and knowledge to expand the business and grow sales / following / media and social presence. You will take direction from the Creative Director to manage and operate the online store, and drive weekly and monthly marketing campaigns across several media platforms. Do you have the passion and experience to take ownership? Do you take the initiative and follow a pro-active approach? Do you enjoy working in an innovative, friendly and professional environment?



  • 2+ years of experience
  • Marketing Background
  • Creative and brand development experience
  • Strong and creative writing and editing skills.
  • Social Media Management experience. Need to know best practices on how to navigate and utilize social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and all blog platform.
  • You're familiar with the world of B2B eCommerce.
  • Tech Savvy is a PLUS.


About you:

  • You must be flexible and organized
  • You must be a be pro-active with tasks and duties
  • You must be personable, friendly, and professional.
  • You must be able to take project from start to completion.
  • You understand and live on the social web and have a great understanding of the media landscape overall.
  • You're ready to work in a startup environment with a creative approach.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Own strategies that increase the awareness of SVC Labs and its brands, increase conversion, drive website traffic, acquire new customers.
  • Manage and operate the online stores of our brands
  • Maintain all social media accounts - drive social media communications & ongoing development of our digital presence.
  • Content creation and management for all blog & social Channels. 
  • Work on concepts, content and distribution of promotional campaigns
  • Maintaining regular publishing schedule, create and execute marketing campaigns
  • Weekly reporting on site stats, social media stats and marketing campaigns.
  • Help us refine and bring consistency to how we communicate online.
  • Other duty may be assigned when business requires


How to Apply:

  • Email:
  • CV
  • Cover letter should include: Name, Age, Contact information, availability, desired pay, writing sample, and telling us how you actively use social media in your everyday life, 5 accounts or pages you follow, and why you like following them. APPLICATIONS WITHOUT THIS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Behind The Scenes - Mixing

Our aim here at Simple Vape Co. is, well, simple - we want to remove the clutter and confusion from an over branded marketplace and replace it with style and substance, complimented by a quality product and a lifestyle choice. Everything we do here at the Simple HQ is centred around quality, from conceptualising ideas for flavours to packaging up our product to send to our customers. In between these stages is perhaps our most important process - mixing. To ensure that we are offering the best product possible, we take a careful approach throughout our entire procedure, testing over and over to make sure we are constantly improving our range. 

We followed John - our head mixologist - through his day at the Simple HQ as he experimented with new flavours, to offer you a bit more of an insight in to our process and our dedication towards achieving maximum quality in our output...


How long is the process between coming up with the idea to producing the final e-liquid?

This really is dependable upon a few factors. The flavours that are created will go through different stages of research. The first being in-house taste testing, I need to feel how the flavours are working together, is there something missing in the recipe? This is all about what direction the juice is taking.

Stage Two is where we take the research to a third party, we hold group taste sessions to gain valuable information on everything one would like to know about a juice, vapour production, smoothness and of course, taste.

This process really takes as long as it needs to take, I like to take my time to ensure the best tasting e-liquid.

Where do you draw inspiration for the flavours?

Much of my inspiration comes from listening to people! Everyone has a different take on a juice they would like to vape and I like the challenge to create it.

Equally, I just love to sit at the mixing station with the headphones on and play with the flavours, this is important to me to just play.

How do you ensure quality throughout the procedure?

Quality of product is of course the most important part of the process.

All liquid is created in our 'Clean Room' where all staff wear protective laboratory clothing, this is to insure a product is free from any possible contaminants. A detailed quality check is done throughout the whole process from first creating a liquid to a product that’s ready for sale.

How did you start mixing?

Quite simply I started mixing because of my love for e-liquid. I smoked for some fifteen years and tried to quit in a number of ways, cold turkey, patches and so on. Vaping for me has been the most effective way, I stopped smoking within two weeks and I haven’t looked back.

I really love to make e-liquid that people enjoy and if I can help in any little way to move people from smoking to vaping, then just taste our juice :)

Can we look forward to more flavours from Simple Vape in the near future?

Absolutely, I am currently finalising a few recipes and we will be good to go very shortly.



On Thursday, the 1st of September, our friends over at UKECIGSTORE launched their brand new location in the diverse London borough of Camden. To celebrate the arrival of their new space and pay homage to strong relationships in the London scene, we teamed up with the store on a limited edition collaborative liquid - Camden Brew VBC.

 The night saw giveaways and builds by the team, as well as an opportunity for people to come and check out the new space and immerse themselves in the UKECIGSTORE experience. It was great for us to catch up with some familiar faces and meet some new ones, and also see an awesome response to the Camden Brew VBC liquid - something that we have dedicated a lot of time in to perfecting. 

 The limited edition flavour draws inspiration from UKECIGSTORE’s new neighbourhood, taking cues from the area’s music scene and love of the ever growing craft beer market. The lengthy, careful process that went it to producing the collaboration mirrors that of producing a smooth craft beer – together we have created a new flavour that combines vanilla custard and biscuit for a smooth, creamy vape topped off with twist of cinnamon for a real taste sensation.

You can now buy the Simple Vape Co. x UKECIGSTORE Camden Brew VBC - Small Batch E-Liquid exclusively at their Camden brand. For more information head over to You can see a full photo re-cap of the launch night below...


Influencer Series: CLOUD INC. VAPES


For the fourth instalment of our ‘Influencer Series’ we speak to Brodie of Portobello Road’s Cloud Inc Vape's, a fairly new establishment on the scene offering up a unique mix for coffee drinkers, vapers and the local community. Mixing two things we personally love – Vaping and Coffee, Cloud Inc. was a winner for us right from the jump. Through careful consideration and strong attention to details, Brodie and Amy have managed to build a successful store in one of London’s most desirable locations, combining an aesthetically pleasing layout with the quality product to match.

The stores vape bar offers a carefully comprised range of Juices (including Simple of course) and selected hardware, as well as a personalised service and knowledge from the guys behind the store themselves. We caught up with founder Brodie to find out a bit more on the stores origins, his views on the industry and whats next for Cloud Inc…


Could you tell us a bit more on your own personal journey into the world of Vaping?

I smoked my first cig when I was 13 on a ferry headed to Ireland. Kept at it for about 14 years and tried all forms of NRT to no avail until I found my trusty istick 50w with an atlantis tank. Since then I’ve not looked back.

 How did you get started with Cloud Inc.? Why did you choose to set up shop on Portobello Road?

The idea came from a wish that Portobello road had a joint that I could get a good coffee, and since having started vaping, somewhere I could also grab my juice and gear. The area is home turf for me having grown up nearby in my mums little shop just up the road. 

Could you talk us through the layout of the store, it’s got a chill out area downstairs and the bench upstairs, is that to promote a bit of a community vibe around the store?

It’s about proximity and about making strangers talk to each other. That is pretty much what we grew on around here, chats over coffee and Portuguese tarts, everyone knew everyone. We want to bring that feeling of community back in our own little way.

 Why did you choose to mix Coffee and Vaping in one store?

 I’ve always been a bit of a caffeine fiend so the coffee had to be special, we don’t go for the ‘but it’s only coffee’  attitude, we wanted to do it properly.  We feel that a great espresso demands a certain level of attention as it really translates to the cup. Ultimately, it’s about a need for quality in all the things we do. Dark Arts coffee roast our beans and they really know their work, we couldn’t have picked a better roaster to work with.

Have any of your coffee customers moved on to Vaping because of the store? 

We run the coffee bar as a separate entity but yeah, we have had a few customers move from smoking over to vaping after a piqued interest on the ‘other thing’ that we do! Hah!

What advice would you give those who wanted to start Vaping?

Research and lots of it, talk to people who know what they’re talking about, ignore the hype and don’t let people tell you what’s good, discover it. Brick and mortars are usually the best way to get the info you need whilst being able to get hands on with the gear.

Talk us though a standard day at Cloud inc. Vapes…

Get in, open up, re-wick, make myself a brew, sit in the sun for 10 minutes and then spend the rest of the day saving lives!

Where do you see the Vaping industry in 5 years?

Hopefully more leniency and support through discussion. Is it dreaming to want to see a higher percentage of vapers to smokers? We’ve all got good work to do.

What would you like (if anything) to change about the Vaping industry?

 We need to get out of the ‘sex sells’ mentality, we’re not selling motors for petes sake!

I’m also left feeling like, as an industry, we could be a little less elitist and a little more inclusive.

What are your thoughts/preparations for the impending TPD post May 2017?

The TPD Is a badly written and now historical document with no relation to the vaping industry as a part, let alone a whole. We’re going to keep up as long as we’re left to our own devices but I have to say, It’s insane the amount of misinformation that is cleverly filtered out to the lesser informed populous. It feels properly sinister…

Talk us through your current set up…

StabWood Metal Moose tube with a Stillare V4 half open. 6 wrap fused Clapton at .3 and away.

 Do you have a favourite Simple flavor and if so why?

Given that I’m soon off for a holiday in the sun…I’d have to say tropical juice. Fruity and refreshing, perfect for a lazy day by the pool.

What’s next for Cloud Inc. Vapes?

We’ll see how we end the year. Big plans though, we want to get moving!

2016 International Trade Shows Reviewed

Since the start of 2016, the Simple Vape Co. team have done their utmost to attend a range of different vape events across the world: Vapex International in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Vapourfair in Frankfurt, Germany: Vapecon in Barcelona, Spain and the well-known Vaper Expo in Birmingham, UK.

The Vaper Expo 2016

In this post, we would like to share our experiences and thoughts to our vape community.

Before we start, Simple Vape Co. would like to give a massive thank you to all the organising staff for their great collaboration to make these industry events a roaring success.

Vapes International

Our 2016 tour started with a trip to Kuala Lumpur, 26-28 February. 

The vape scene in Malaysia is one that we had never experienced before and the reception we received when we touched down made it even more special for us. 

We knew the industry was thriving out in KL and across Malaysia but nothing could prepare us for what we experienced. From the amazing humble vapers we met to all the stores we visted while we where in KL was something we will never forget. 

What we found most impressive was the love, attention to detail and passion the people of Malaysia have. This was even more evident in the vape stores we visited. We have never seen such high standards on such a grand scale, which is something that the UK market is crying out for. 

Our hosts Eng & Jamie from the Juice Supply where amazing and really looked after us. We ate in some of KL's best restaurants from the beautiful sky dinning at Fuego to the street markets.  

This event was ram packed with amazing local juice brands, however only a handful of international brands but refreshing to see. Sadly there was clone hardware everywhere. The show was over 3 days from 10am - 10pm and was full all day long. We met some amazing new friends and sampled the best of local Malaysia juice lines. A show we look forward to doing again next year!

See you again soon KL!

In April, two great vape events coincided over the same dates – Vapecon in Barcelona and Vapourfair in Frankfurt.   

The Vapecon was celebrated in the Excel pavilion on April 16th, and it was the first show of its kind open to the public in Spain. The event participation overtook all expectations. E-liquid brands, mainly from Spain, along with plenty of retailers and a few mod manufactures presented their best product offering to the show. 

Simple Vape Co. had an amazing response from visitors, including some of the biggest retailers and distributors in the Spanish territory, who loved our French Tobacco and the refreshing Elderflower and Pear. 

Although It was a flying visit to the wonderful Barcelona, we could see the strong potential of the Spanish vape industry and the incomparable Barceloneta.

Walking up to the grand entrance to of the Exhibition Center, Frankfurt. We immediately saw a large queue orderly forming and we knew at this point that this weekend was going to be great. As we entered the vast exhibition hall we were welcomed by the wunderbar ‘Bao Trung Tieu’ (Owner/Managing Director of EVAPO.DE) our German distributor, we finished preparing the stand ready for the influx of vapers to walk into the event.

It was fantastic to witness first-hand how the industry had grown and with continued momentum. Simple Vape Co. was received extremely well and gained a lot of interest from both B2B and B2C. Just days after the VaporFair Expo we are now stocked in many retail outlets across Germany and growing strongly within this market.

One things that we would like to point out, the VaporFair exhibition hall was shared with the HookahFair (Nasty Combustable Shisha). What had been beautiful to see was that the customer base for the E-Cigarette industry dwarfed that of the Hookah industry, to the point that there was heavy interest from shisha user and cigarette smokers drawn to the VaporFair in awe to see that they can get same experience that they are looking for, which can be found in a much less harmful way. It won’t be long until they see the light at the end of the tunel.

We all had a brilliant time and the hospitality and welcoming from EVAPO.DE and the show was overwhelming.


The Vaper Expo is very well-established, and is probably one of the biggest and most recognised e-cigarette and vaping expos in the UK and Europe. In its second edition, the Vaper Expo embraced over 100 exhibitors and more than 7,000 visitors from across the globe.

Pre 10am, eager vapers gathered in their thousands behind the large heavy shutters. A voice over the tannoy gave the count down and within moments, a wave of enthusiastic attendees swarmed our colourful display stand. stretching over twenty foot long, we were well positioned by the entrance to the main hall. We had our work cut out promoting the current Simple Vape Co. products and introducing new companies: Cheap Thrills Juice Co. KRSP and Tea Up.

Now in our second year, Simple Vape Co. wanted to also launch two new flavours within the VG Line: Strawberry Cake and Tropical Juice. We have to say that the response was outstanding, running out of various flavours by the end of the show.


Simple Vape Co. would like to encourage everyone to support these types of events. They are the best medium to increase the awareness to the public to promote and support a healthier lifestyle by choosing to vape over the use of cigarettes. In addition, they are a fantastic platform for vendors and users to show and promote their products for global exposure.


 The "Simple" loyalty club has landed!

‘Simple Rewards’ is a great new scheme launching this week aimed at giving back to our loyal and valued customers.

It allows participants to accumulate points based on purchases made on our website or by referring friends to our brand. Once you have built up your points you can use these to get money off future purchases, Simple!

 Simple ways to get points: 

  • Every £1 spent in Simple Vape Co. website you will get 1 point
  • Join the program and get 50 points automatically
  • Refer as many friends as you like and receive 150 points when they each make their first purchase

How do you get involved?

Simply sign up on the link below or just click on the loyalty widget bottom located in the left hand corner of this page and away you go.

Join the club here


Influencer Series: Billy | Prohibition Vapes

For the third interview in our influencer series we’ve called on another good friend of Simple Vape Co to give us their perspective on vaping and the industry in 2016. Introducing Billy Webb from Prohibition Vapes Co. 

It was back in 2015 at the Vaper Expo NEC, in Birmingham that we first met Billy and his team. It was a meeting of minds and marked Billy's first encounter with our products. From the word go it was clear that we shared a connection for quality vape products and liquids, design aesthetics and customer service. The Prohibition Vape Co set-up is one of the best vape stores and environments we have experienced in the UK. The attention to detail and customer service is second to none, and we are delighted to see Simple Vape products stocked there. Not only do Prohibition Vape Co have a rapidly growing number of stores, they also run unique events that take the vaping experience to another level. Late last year we sponsored one of their vape nights in Maidstone to launch the new VG Line and it was a huge success. 

Prohibition Vape Co

Hi Billy, thanks for joining us today, for those who don’t know Prohibition Vape Co can you introduce yourselves and your team to the community? 

Hey, what’s up Simple Vape! I’m Billy from Prohibition Vapes Co. Incase the readers don’t know us – our vision is community based vaping lounges themed in 1920’s Prohibition era. We currently have two stores in the South East of England, our flagship store in Maidstone, and our newest baby in the heart of London’s coolest area, Hoxton. 

In store

I have spoke to you on a number of occasions regarding your own personal journey into the world of vaping but can you elaborate on this story for our readers. 

We thought you would never ask. We started our journey into the world of vaping in 2011 when my Mum was researching for an easier way to kick the traditional cigs. After purchasing many rubbish cig-a-likes we stumbled upon a solid brand from America. Our family being from a import/export background immediately saw an opportunity as there wasn’t many ecig companies in the UK at the time. We flew to Miami to meet the CEO of this huge American brand and overnight we were importing into the UK. A year later and business is flourishing; we get called back over to Miami for another meeting. Long story short we were now asked to pay a royalty fee of 100k per year, for continuing what we had already been doing for this company. With that said, we flew from Miami to China (at this point I got food poisoning on the plane – was not a great journey or week for me). Over the course of the next two weeks we created our own brand of first generation ecigs, SmartCigs, which we still continue to distribute to pharmacy chains and convenience stores all over the country to this day. 2015 was upon us and I really lost the love for the industry. We were a two-man team working from offices in a converted stable block on the back of my Dads land. We needed something that was going to change the face of the company, something a little fun, and something that didn’t look pharmaceutical and clean for once. We started toying with the idea in January of opening a coffee and vaping lounge like no other. Something that was themed strongly and gave the customers an experience every time they came into the shop. (At this point I’ve got Harry Potter moving staircases, floating products and all sorts happening in my head). We were now a team of three, TPD was being mentioned on a daily basis, and a member of staff said what if nicotine gets banned? My reply was ‘It will be pushed underground, smuggled and be like the Prohibition period in the USA.’ (At this point I’m all dressed up as Al Capone in my head, with a Tommy Gun). So Prohibition Vapes was born. I found my passion for vaping again, employed some great people along the way. We are now two shops and seven members of staff strong. 

We know how important your personal vaping story has been for the growth of Prohibition Vapes but can you explain how your customers vaping journey is even more important and what you do to aid their experience or transition from smoking to vaping?

Most people are just looking for a way to kick the cigarettes, by the time they have entered the shop and sat in Willy Wonka’s factory they are ready to eat chocolate. For me there are two different types of customers. People that want to replace there smoking with something very similar, and pack it up completely within 4-6 months, and then, the same happens in every industry, you have your extremists i.e. Me. I am somebody that lives, breathes, eats and dreams vaping. It’s part of my daily life, as it is now for millions. Having a simple chat with somebody you can learn a lot about his or her lives and why they want to make the change. We stock everything from basic starter kits all the way to advanced regulated mods, mechs, hybrids and a huge range of juice. Learning about your customer is the easiest way to find where on the scale you would place them. 

What drove you to open your first in Maidstone, Kent? 

Maidstone was an easy choice as I live there. It’s a big town, it has six vape shops currently. There were already four other vape shops when we opened, and they had grown the market for us already. We offer something different to our local competitors, as we don’t look like a traditional vape shop. Offering our customers the idea of Coffee and Vaping all under one roof grew our community very quickly. 

Simple Vape Co products

What are Simple Vapes Co’s top 3 products for you and can you explain why you love them so much.

Ok, starting from my first Simple encounter. Birmingham Vape Expo 2015, I tried the full range and it was the first time I had been faced with British made e-liquid where the flavours actually meant something and told their own story. My first love for Simple was the Elderflower and Pear. Not my usual ADV I must say, but the flavour changed the game for competitors in the UK and certainly made a impact in our store. My second love for Simple came when you brought the VG range out. Peaches and Milk? Hell yeah! This had my name written all over it and I still vape it today. My third love for Simple, I only found this two weeks ago. The Simple Vape Cotton. I’ve used other brands of cotton for the last X amount of months but the Simple cotton was flavorful, easy to work with and all round amazing cotton. Amazing job on that guys. 

We’ve noticed you stock some fine vape hardware, what’s your favorite Setup, mod and E-Juice, which you stock?

My all day go to mod is my Sub Ohm Innovation Short Switch in Matte Black with (you guessed it) the Sub Zero RDA in Matte Black. 0.1ohm build, hits hard, great flavour and in my opinion one of the nicest mods on the market. I have just got myself a Noisy Cricket, which is amazing too – but in terms of quality SOI wins all day long. Peaches and Milk is the only flavour I can rock all day. I am partial to a bottle of donuts, and a few other super sweet and sickly flavours every so often. 

Peach and Milk

What are your thoughts about the upcoming TPD regulations?

It’s a very interesting time for the industry. Changes are ahead but I can already see huge potential loopholes moving forward. In certain areas I think vaping as we know it won’t change an incredible amount. I think the idea of the TPD is working towards a safer industry, so hopefully in the next few years there will be safer regulations, and therefore less (to none at all) people being injured from ill treatment of advanced vaping equipment. I think alot of this could be helped by shop owners like myself; investing time into each customer to ensure they understand how to use certain products and showing them the rules of what not to do.  

Where do you see the UK e-cig industry being in 5 years time?

Well, 5 years ago I didn’t see the industry advancing as quick as it has already. My gut feeling is the industry will continue to grow; more people will be made aware that vaping is the future and smoking is dead, but I think the TPD will slow things down. We have a new liquid, new mod and new tank being released every day currently, but with the new administration process starting in June that will slow things down by 6 months. (Of course that’s if it’s covered in the TPD.) Where would I like to see the industry in 5 years time? As big, if not bigger than tobacco. With more research, and safer regulations it’s achievable. 

Billy in Prohibition Vape Cao

If you could change one thing about the Vaping industry what would it be?

I have touched on this before in another interview but it’s something I will repeat over and over again. The industry is still growing. People tend to work against each other to beat their local shops on prices etc. But we find that working with your competitors makes such a difference. In Maidstone, we work with a few other vape shops and help each other out. If the other shops run out of batteries etc we will all help each other out, as there is enough custom in this town to warrant doing so. We are also working closely with a few brands and shops on creating cloud circuits, local events and even have gentlemen’s agreements in place to stock different liquids from each other. Working together as one industry is what will grow it, after all this is just a hobby that got out of hand for us!

Nice Bag at Prohibition Vape Co.

You have just opened your second store in Hoxton. London. How has that been received in one of London coolest areas and do you have any plans for more UK stores? 

Yes! Hoxton is awesome. We had some great press from a few local magazines. Made in Shoreditch also posted on their Facebook about us, and even some great press in the Daily Mail. It’s unreal to see the amount of people who are still anti vaping commenting on these posts and I wonder if we will still be perceived in this light in 5 years time. In terms of growth, we have a plan up our sleeve. You can expect more stores to be popping up in the South East this year, starting in the next 2/3 months. We have some great location ideas, some untouched with vape shops and some saturated but not seen anything like Prohibition before. Watch this space! 

In Store Prohibition

Whats is the best advice you could give to someone new to the wonderful world of vaping?

Spend time in your local vape shop, learn about what you are buying and be safe. The more knowledge you have of a product the safer you will be. It’s also a cool place to hang out, lets be honest, we just stand around talking, drinking coffee and blowing o’s!

Wave Saver. If you ended up stuck on a desert island and all your mods, RDAs & juices where being washed away in the waves what would be the 1 mod, RDA & juice you would kill yourself saving?

I can’t begin to tell you how much I would love to be left on a desert island, but that’s a different story entirely. I would be gutted if I lost my Limited Edition 2Puffs HexOhm V1. So I would be in the water saving that above anything else – and I would have to save a 1-gallon bottle of our own Black Crack for that trapped on a desert island weather!  

Good Coffee at Prohibition Vape Co.

Who would you like us to profile / interview next?

Leonardo DiCaprio – he’s got all the gear and no idea. 

Quick Fire 10 Questions 

1. Clouds or Flavour? Clouds

2. Mech or Chip Mod? Mech

3. 10ML or 100ML? 100ml

4. Tequila or Sambuca? Tequila

5. Kanthal or NiCr? NiCr

6. Desert or Fruit? Desert

7. Maidstone or Hoxton? Hoxton

8. Prebuilt or Build? Built 

9. Christian Or Mario? Christian – as Mario can’t handle his drink. 

10. Simple or Complex? Simple.  


Thanks a lot for including us in your series, it’s been a pleasure.  Here’s to a great, but Simple, year.

APPG / TPD. MPs & Industry leaders Q&As with Simple Vape Co.

Simple Vape Co. founder, Christian Sanderson, is a prominent member of the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group for E-Cigs) and has been instrumental in the establishment of The 100k campaign.

A campaign incorporating vaping stakeholders across the UK in the fight to ensure that by the end of this calendar year vapers continue to experience choice, quality, affordability and accessibility within the market place
This requires us, The 100k Campaign, to block unnecessary and overbearing regulation where we can, and to help each other circumvent its consequences where we can't. The European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive's overzealous and ill thought out approach threatens to wipe products from our shelves and delay the arrival of new ones. It will stifle innovation and customer choice in the process and create a further barrier to the world of vaping for those keen to make the transition from smoking. 100K is not just about helping businesses survive and thrive – it is about ensuring vapers don’t go back to tobacco!

On the 27th January of 2016, industry leaders & MPs came together at the latest APPG event to discuss the latest details of the TPD and the potential of prescription based e-cigarettes. Simple Vape Co. were at hand to capture the event in its entirety, asking the real and pressing questions to MPs, health experts and industry leaders alike. 

  • Mark Pawsey. MP for Rugby & Bulkington. Chairman, APPG for E-Cigarettes
  • Lorien Jollye from the consumer group New Nicotine Alliance.
  • Dan Marchant of retailers Vape Club 
  • Professor Gerry Stimson from Imperial College
  • Oliver Kershaw, Ecig Forum & Vaping. com 
The results; well we will let you make your own mind up… 

If you care about the future of vaping don't forget to sign for the 100K campaign -

Simple Vape Co. 

Influencer Series: @OHM.MADE

For the second installment of our influencer series we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with one of London’s finest - Keith Ibarra AKA OHM.MADE

We class ourselves as very fortunate to have been introduced to Keith. It happened last August at a vape meet in London. The venue was the Vape & Juice store on Winchmore Hill, and we immediately established a connection due to a mutual passion for quality resistant wire and beautifully made hardware. 

Keith’s humble attitude, passion and skills for coil building were evident from the beginning, and we knew this was someone that we would love working with. Later that same week we sent him a bundle of the Simple Vape Co. NiCr 80 series wires, and what he came back with blew us away. Simply Amazing!

Thanks again Keith and we hope you enjoy the read. 

Please introduce yourself… (Name / Age / Sex / Location) 

Keith Ibarra  |  27  |  Male  |  Tottenham, London

We know you’re a talented coil builder by looking through your Instagram @ohm.made but how did your vaping journey start and how did you get into building?

First of all, just want to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to be profiled, I'm humbled to be apart of the whole #ONEYEARSTRONG Secondly, I don't know about talented I'm just someone who messes about with gauges and takes pictures of them. 

Anyway, cut a long story short my Vape journey began funny enough after 13 months of being smoke free. Times got rough and there was always that temptation to fall off. Like f**k it give me a snout. Luckily one of my best mates was already vaping, brought me to his local vape store, I got myself a single battery regulated mod and an rda. Got back to his place and used coil jig tool and made my first coil, the rest is history! They say a smoker never really stops even after they quit. I'm one of the many who's around to make sure such expressions become a myth.

What is your fail-safe build?

Use to be a fuse Clapton although now it's a Alien coil hands down.

You have done a lot of builds on the Simple Vape Co. NiCr series Wires. What makes them great to work with?

The wire range is quality, everything from building to performance is at a high standard. Aside from the wire, the actual spool makes it easy to work with especially the higher gauges. All round solid product.

What build teams are you associated with and why?

I'm not directly associated or a part of any build teams but I do network and keep in contact with builders who are. It's mainly due to a shared interest, fascination and/or obsession with the craft and vaping in general. 

We’ve noticed you collect some fine vape hardware, what’s your favorite Setup and E-Juice?

My set up changes from time to time, having parents who's native origin is the Philippines, I came to find the country has a reputation for producing high quality mechanical devices. Therefore if I had to choose, with what I enjoy doing and with safety in mind, it's the Castigador box mod by eVe and the twisted messes OG rda. This in particular was my first all authentic and slightly impulsive setup which essentially opened up a different world of vaping.

As for e juice, I'm a one juice flavour guy. If any company releases a cereal I'll get a bottle without even looking at the rest of the range. Boring I know, but I guess it comes down to preference.

How has vaping improved your life?

Generally over all mentally and physically i feel the benefits of being smoke free. That being said, vaping has reunited me, if you will, with my passion in everything design and creativity.

What do you think to the rapid growth of the vaping industry & what do you think is missing?

It does move fast, guess it's down to the day and age we live in. It's a funny one, you love and hate it. Its hard work keeping up to date, luckily im solely a mech mod owner, engineering is straight forward; you press a button, it completes a circuit your good to go. Although with all the technology flying around I think it's only a matter of time before I purchase a reg. Got to love it really.

What's missing? Reasonable prices (laughs) On a serious note a stronger influence on raising awareness about vaping safely.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming TPD regulations?

In all honesty, embarrassingly, I have not read it word for word but after digging around online it comes across as they got it wrong from the get go by classing Vaping as tobacco related. That in itself is a flaw amongst many of the other proposed regulations which have endless loop holes. Best thing to do as a minimum, sign the 100K CAMPAIGN petition!

Where do you see the UK e-cig industry being in 5 years time?

Time will only tell, all dependent on how the government decides to take action. Obviously I hope for it to carry on in the way it is, the industry is growing rapidly, fingers crossed for many more exiting years to come.

What inspires you to keep on building?

I am always in search of the optimum vape experience through performance and like I said earlier the passion for design and creativity perpetuates it further. Not to mention I have a little problem with messing about with metal. 

What advice do you have for those who want to start vaping or are new to coil building?

If it's to a smoker who wants to start Vaping:
In a sentence; only do it if your ready to, not only because you want to.

New to coil building:
Safety first, get an ohm reader and if possible proper tools. With all the resources and information available online getting started shouldn't be a problem. Most importantly have patience! We've all been there when a coil leg snaps!

Who would you like us to profile / interview next?

A member of Parliament who has turned to vaping.

Quick Fire Questions 

1. Clouds or Flavour? -  PERFORMANCE!
2. Mech or Chip Mod? - Mech
3. 10ML or 100ML? - 100ml 
4. Kanthal or NiCr? - NiCr
5. Desert or Fruit? - Cereal 
6. Luke Or Darth?- Darth
7. Clapton or Signal coil? - Clapton
8. Japanese or American Cotton? - American
9. Christian Or Mario? - if it's a beard competition, Christian, sorry Mario
10. Simple or Complex? - Simple, always...

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